How to use Snapchat Spy Tool

It is very easy! You don't have to have any advanced knowlendge. Everything you need to have is an active internet connection and username of the person you want to spy. Sounds simple. right?

Follow these steps to spy snap 

You need to follow these steps to succesfully see private snapchats 


visit our website

Visit and run the tool. You don't have to download anything.


give us the username

Provide an account name of the friend you want to spy. 


Wait for receiving

Wait for the tool to receive all the photos and videos from past 72 hours.


Confirm that you want to see them 

You need to confirm that you want to see the private photos and videos. It could be shocking for you so be aware!



Now you have access! Come back everyday to see other snaps of the same person, or spy other people!


There is no step 6. :)