About Snapchat Spy Viewer

With snapsview.com you can spy snapchat account and see all the incoming and outgoing photos and videos of every person you want! You just need to type the person's username and then you will be able to see all private snaps that the person sent and received in past 72 hours! You can use our Snapchat Viewer unlimited times so you can spy more than one friend and more than once! We do not need your Snapchat account or any details so you have nothing to worry about! You are safe! You are undetected! 

Our team is estabilished from 3 people. Students who are really into IT sciences, social media and new technologies! All of us are using Snapchat, and one time one of us was worried about his girlfriend. We tried to hack her snapchat account to see if she has other boyfriend. We were looking for so long and we found... nothing. Then we decided to create our own app and now here it is! You can use our Snapchat Spy Tool to see all the private snaps of every person you want! 

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What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile app which allows you to...

... share photos and short videos with your friends! Basically when you're in some interesting place you can make a photo, or video add some text and send to a specific friends or to "My Story". My story is a section, where you can publish photos and videos for 24 hours, and everyone from your friends list can see them unlimited times, but when the photo or vid is 24 hours old it is being deleted permanently. When you are sending it to specific users, the person can see it once or twice and then it is also permanently deleted. Our Snapchat Spy Tool allows you to see the private snaps (sent to specific users) which you can't see in standard way if they wasn't sent to you. We allow you to see all incoming and outgoing snaps from last 72 hours. Find more what is snapchat on Wikipedia Page.